5 reasons why Ostazol might be better than Ostarine (MK-2866)

We won’t be surprised if you were somehow led to believe that Ostarine is an extremely mild compound that you can run without risking serious side effects.

There are hundreds of people, just like you, who got swayed into believing exactly this.

Ostarine is the perfect middle ground between Anabolic steroids and health supplements.

 ‘Hey, ran an 8-week cut with Osta and lost 15 lbs. while gaining a shitload of muscle. No side effects either’

Don’t fall for that humbug.

That’s a classic marketing ploy.

Use pictures of extremely jacked athletes who are probably juiced to the gills and saying that they got those results with SARMS.

Ostarine is not side effect free

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Also, what’s with Ostarine being called side-effect free?

It’s a SARM for Christ’s sake. It causes severe suppression even at doses as low as 2-3mg/day. Most users run it at a starting dose of 10-12mg and then increase it to 25mg/day as the cycle progresses.

That’s 10x the recommended dose.

If it does not shut you down entirely, Ostarine will definitely suppress you by at least 75%. There are tons of logs all over the internet that sadly don’t get the attention they deserve.

Or, they are played down by unscrupulous SARMS sellers.

You know what’s a better bet? The perfect middle ground between anabolic compounds and overpriced health supplements?

It’s Ostazol or M1-MK.

What is Ostazol?

Ostazol or M1-MK is a natural testosterone stimulant made by Banned Nutrition.

It is everything that you expect from a natural, hormone booster, without risking an HPTA badgering.

If you are a natty athlete, who wants to get a taste of performance enhancement, while continuing to stay natty, Ostazol is your ticket.

Or if you are looking for a hormone stimulant that does not shut you down or stress your cholesterol levels, this is it.

If you are suffering from signs of low testosterone and are looking for a bump, this is your best bet.

Ostazol is the game changer in the world of performance enhancement. It is the ‘next big thing’ that the industry desperately needed.

No more creatine bullshit.

Just use Ostazol and get them hormonal spikes without worrying about pinning for the rest of your life.

That said, if you are skeptical about Ostazol and its effectiveness, or are still considering using Ostarine, then here are five reasons why Ostazol might be a much better bet than Ostarine.

#1 – Ostazol does not affect your HPTA

ostazol review

Time and again, we have seen ‘endogenous testosterone suppression’ being played down on the internet. As if it’s something that you can easily live through, without it causing too many problems.

Well, here’s the fact.

Suppression is one of the worst feelings in the world. If you are going from hypogonadism to suppressed, you may not feel much.

But if you are going from 70% endogenous test production to 20%, you are going to feel it.

It will make you sluggish and demotivated. You might have the pumps going and get ripped with SARMS. But you won’t feel like heading to the gym and hitting them weights.

That feeling will persist until you do a full HPTA reset with PCT.

Ostazol on the other hand works in a very simple way. It stimulates your pituitary to secrete more LH and FSH.

Both these hormones in turn lead to more testosterone. That’s it. It leads to an increase in Serum and Free T in your body.

It does not affect your HPTA, not does it desensitize your androgen receptors. Most importantly, it does not shut you down, or suppress you.

#2 – It increases lean mass while burning fat

supplement to build muscle and burn fat fast

Ostazol is the most thoughtfully designed anabolic supplement that will help you get the perfect, aesthetic, symmetrical physique.

The problem with normal hormone stimulants, and even exogenous testosterone to an extent is that it can cause a lot of water retention, making you look fluffy.

But Ostazol contains a whole bunch of ingredients that amplify lipolysis in multiple ways.

There’s Green Tea, which is one of the best natural fat burners and helps to release more fat, making it available to be used as energy.

There’s Caffeine, which gives you a minor stimulant bump and also mobilizes the released fat for burning. Not to mention that it allows you to cut calories without experiencing carb and sugar cravings.

The Testosterone stack is one of the most powerful ones ever.

It contains ZMA, Longjack root, Boron, Fenugreek, Mucuna Pruriens and Ginger, six ingredients, all of which are proven to increase your serum and free T levels.

While the increased testosterone allows you to pack on lean muscle, the fat burners ensure that you don’t look too watery.

#3 – It will boost your libido

As great as SARMS might be for building lean muscle without the risk of androgenic side effects, they will cause your libido to crash.

This affects people differently. Some people feel it a lot earlier than others.

While for some, the libido crash happens midway through the cycle.

Irrespective of when it occurs, there’s no avoiding it.

Ostazol on the other hand will boost your libido and the volume of your ejaculate. It contains Muira Puama, which is one of the most powerful libido enhancing herbs in the world.

There are seniors, above the age of 60, with complications like Diabetes, who have been able to regain their lost vigor and libido with Ostazol.

#4 – It gives you 24/7 pumps

best testosterone booster for males over 40

One of the reasons why Ostazol is so popular is because it gives you steroid-like pumps. 

With most supplements, the pump doesn’t last for a few hours after you step out of the gym.

With Ostazol, you’ll have that ‘on-steroids’ look constantly, in and out of the gym.

There’s a whole bunch of ingredients that increase intramuscular water retention and boost glycogen, which results in a fuller look.

As the testosterone levels increase, so does your levels of Nitric oxide, which in turn makes them veins pop out.

Aiming for that movie star bicep vein like you are on Trenbolone? Here’s your ticket.

#5 –  It will not trash your cholesterol profile

Ostarine is one of the worst compounds that you can use, if you have a poor lipid profile.

Even with lipid support thrown in, there’s very little that you can do as it often reduces your HDL levels to single digits.

Ostazol does not affect your cholesterol levels. In fact, it contains a few ingredients that are cardio protective instead.

So there’s no need to throw in additional cardiovascular support.

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